Here at Fast Trackers Tours we use the train for as many tours as possible, there are some great advantages to doing this and we wanted to let you know all about them.

We organise tours for many international students, language schools, universities and tourists visiting the UK, you may all come from different backgrounds but one thing you all have in common is getting the most out of your precious time. Travelling by train helps you make the most of your day by cutting down on the time spent travelling and giving you the maximum amount of time in the places you want to visit.

We’ve put together a list of the advantages you get by booking a tour with Fast Trackers Tours.

1. Save time

The biggest benefit of traveling by train is it can cut your travel time by up to 50%. Bus tours have to deal with London traffic, which can be awful at the best of times, so when the buses struggle in and out of London we gently glide our way to our destinations, see the comparison in travel times below.

Cambridge by train – 45 mins / Cambridge by bus – 1 hr 30 mins

Brighton by train – 1 hr 15 mins / Brighton by bus – 1 hr 55 mins

Oxford by train – 1 hr / Oxford by bus – 1 hr 35 mins

2. Only one pick up point

Again, a big time saver, many tour companies have multiple pick up points through London or even travel to motorway service stations to swap passengers between vehicles. These extra pick ups can add over an hour of traveling to your day. Having one central pick up point, with easy access by underground and bus helps you make the most of your day.

3. Smaller groups

Our group sizes are set to a maximum of 35, most tour buses range between 50 and 80 people and we think this is wrong. Having a smaller group means the guide can provide you with all the information you need, don’t get lost in the crowd.

4. Low Prices

Just because we use the train does not mean its more expensive, in fact our prices are some of the lowest offered in London, but this does not mean low quality, many of our customers book again and again.

5. New trains

Over the last 10 years there has been a multi billion pound investment program in the railways, this means that on most tours the trains are very modern if not brand new, this investment continues and we will see further improvements in the near future.

So if you like to save time, enjoy a low cost quality tour and travel with a smaller group, then book today.

Next week we shall be looking at the events coming up in the places we visit.

Less travel. More time.