Taking part in a tour can be very rewarding and make for a great day or weekend away. Being prepared for your tour can make your tour a great trip, not being prepared can turn it in to a disaster, here are our top tips to get the most from your time away.

1. Book Early – This seems pretty obvious, you would be surprised how many people leave it to the last minute and miss out on their dream tour. As soon as you have decided to get away then book your tour, we always recommend booking at least a week before the tour departs.

2. Don’t be late! – We always advise to be at the meeting time at least 10 mins before the time given. You never know what might delay you getting to the departure point, you don’t want to be left standing around whilst everyone else is off having a great time.

3. Listen to the guide – Your guide is there to give you information on the place you are visiting, you really will make the most of your day by listening to all the useful information you get. If there is something you don’t understand then please ask, guides are friendly people and will be more than happy to show off their knowledge. At the end of your tour there is always some free time to explore for yourself, ask your guide for any help, they have been there many times and will have great local knowledge about where to eat and what to see, it will save you precious time.

4. Be prepared – The British are famous for talking about the weather, its a great way to start a conversation. there is a reason we like to talk about the weather, it can change throughout the day, sometimes you can have four seasons in one day. Its always best to carry on umbrella, if its too warm to wear a jacket at least you will stay dry. Our tours can involve a lot of walking so make sure you wear comfortable shoes, you don’t want to be walking the cobbled streets of Oxford in high heels.

5. Have Fun! – The day can start very early and no one is at their best first thing in the morning, but hey, your off to visit one of the worlds great cultural sights, you may never go there again, so make the most of it.

Our next blog will look at the top things to see on our up coming weekend tours.